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Should you visit another Doctor?

Yes, but do your research on the Doctor.

The number of second opinions I have received regarding my eczema is too high. But my parents and I will always find another Doctor if the last one didn’t help or their treatment plan wasn’t effective. Never give up.

This time, I specifically Googled “Eczema Naturopath Doctor” and similar searches until I came across one Doctor who also had Eczema. Perfect! Finally, a Doctor who would understand what I am going through and possibly provide me with the right treatment plan.

Once you narrow down a list of Doctors, make sure you also read the reviews to get a general idea of how they are.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of asking the Doctor what sort of treatment plan they will put you on for the condition you want to get treated. If the Doctor is going to put you on a similar plan as your last, you may want to think again because it wasn’t as effective as last time. For me personally, I need to constantly change my plan of attack or my body adapts to it.

Updated Treatment Plan

After going in for an initial consultation and explaining my eczema history, the Doctor tweaked the current plan I was following myself. Please consult a Health Care Practioner if you’d like to follow the plan below. I am sharing this so you can also make any tweaks to what you may already be doing.

  1. Increase water intake, 7-8 glasses per day
  2. Vitamin D3, daily with breakfast and with fish oil (need fat for absorption)
  3. Cod Liver Oil, take with your Vitamin D3
  4. L-glutamine, 5g daily
  5. Vitamin C, 1 dose in the morning and night
  6. Plant Enzymes (for digestion), take with dinner every night until the bottle is done
  7. Quercetin SAP (to help with itching at night), 1 capsule daily until the bottle is done
  8. NFH Recovery SAP Probiotics, take for a month and at night with Vitamin C and quercetin
  9. Unda 2, 15, 243 (for liver detox support): 10 drops of each mixed in a bit of water, first thing in the morning and in the evening before until the bottles are done
  10. Castor Oil over the liver and abdomen area (for liver detox support) for a month

Good Luck!


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