Living with eczema on your feet can be a real challenge, as the condition can cause discomfort, itching, and inflammation.

Not to mention how painful it is to put on socks and take them off at the end of the day.

Oh ya, it hurt’s to walk too ???? I know!

But since you are on the best eczema blog, I’ll guide you on how to find the best shoes for eczema on feet.

But before we dive into that, we first need to address why you have eczema on your feet.


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Why Do I Have Eczema On My Feet?

what does eczema mean?

Eczema is a multifactorial issue.

In other words, it’s usually a combination of stress + nutrition + genes + environment + skincare products.

All these are immune system triggers.

When your immune system is overloaded with chemicals and toxins, it shows up as eczema.

Where do we come into contact with these chemicals and toxins?

Fast foods. Packaged foods. Processed foods.

Skincare products. Cleaning products.

Your body is able to handle this in moderation

But when there is too much, the body becomes overloaded and is detoxing itself through your skin.

Throw stress into this and it’s a recipe for eczema.


1 Home Remedies for Eczema on Feet

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I don’t want you to suffer with feet eczema.

You shouldn’t have to google best shoes for eczema on feet forever.

I’ve lived that life and it’s brutal.

I’ve had multiple infections on my feet from scratching.

My feet became so swollen, my shoes wouldn’t fit.

My eczema on my feet was so bad, putting on socks was painful.

Taking them off was even more painful because the eczema dried up with the fabric.

So taking them was like taking off a dry bloody band aid. Ouch x1000000000000!


Dead Sea Salt Foot Soaks


This one hack, tip, trick, magic will heal your feet so fast, you won’t even need the shoes I’m going to share with you below.

Soak your feet in some warm water and half cup of dead sea salt.

Do this at least 3x a week.

As your foot starts to heal, you can decrease how often you do this.

Dead Sea Salt is rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, potassium, and sulfur.

These are beneficial to your skin and healing eczema.

The benefits of dead sea salt are:

  • Natural exfoliator
  • Purifies your pores
  • Replenishes skin moisture
  • Antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial
  • Helps calm skin allergies and inflammation


Calendula to Heal


Once you complete your foot soak, apply a lotion or cream infused with calendula.

Calendula has been used as a medicinal plant for ages due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Calendula is typically extracted from the leaves, petals, and seeds of the flower.

It is also quite popular in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Tones the skin
  3. Wound healing
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Protect the skin barrier

If you are intrigued, check out this product that uses Calendula and other natural ingredients.

Moon Valley Organics Herbal Lotion Bar


Best Shoes for Eczema on Feet

So there is no one best shoe for eczema.

But we will look into what features are needed so make sure your feet is as comfortable as possible while your eczema heals.

By understanding the key features and materials that promote comfort and breathability, you can make an informed decision.

  • Breathable Materials
    • Shoes made of breathable materials such as mesh, canvas, or leather allow air circulation, preventing excessive sweating and moisture buildup.
  • Seamless Construction
    • Shoes with minimal seams or those constructed with seamless technology help avoid friction against sensitive skin and reduce the risk of irritation.
  • Moisture-Wicking Properties
    • Shoes with moisture-wicking liners or insoles can effectively absorb sweat, keeping your feet dry and reducing the chances of eczema flare-ups.
  • Roomy Toe Box
    • Opt for shoes with a spacious toe box to prevent rubbing and crowding of the toes, which can exacerbate eczema symptoms.
  • Adjustable Closures
    • Shoes with adjustable closures like laces, straps, or Velcro allow you to customize the fit and avoid tightness or pressure points
  • Sandal
    • Opt for sandals with soft, moisture-wicking foot beds and adjustable straps. Brands like Birkenstock, Keen, and Teva offer sandals with premium materials and contoured foot beds to provide the necessary arch support.
  • Slip-On Shoes
    • Slip-on shoes made of soft, stretchy materials like neoprene or elastic fabric can accommodate sensitive feet without compromising on style
  • Natural Fiber Shoes
    • Shoes made of natural fibers like organic cotton or hemp can offer breathability and minimize irritation. Look for eco-friendly shoe brands that prioritize sustainable materials and comfort.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for the best shoes for eczema on feet.



Best Shoes for Eczema on Feet

Birkenstock sandals are known for their contoured foot beds that provide arch support and promote healthy foot alignment.

The soft foot bed version offers added cushioning and moisture-wicking properties.

The fact that it’s open, allows your skin and feet to breathe.

Additionally, having the straps allows you to adjust the tightness.

So if your feet is a little swollen, you can loosen it up.


Skechers Go Joy Walking Shoe Sneaker

Best Shoes for Eczema on Feet

These slip-on shoes by Skechers are made of soft, stretchy fabric that accommodates sensitive feet.

They have cushioned insoles and a lightweight design, making them comfortable for everyday wear.

It has a breathable upper mesh construction that allows for your skin and feet to breathe, stay cool and dry (but not on rainy days though).


Allbirds Sugar Sliders


The Allbirds Sugar Sliders are sustainable slide sandals that combine style, comfort, and eco-friendly materials.

Made with a blend of eucalyptus tree fiber and recycled plastic bottles, these slide sandals offer breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and a soft feel.

This helps keep your feet, skin and eczema, dry while minimizing chances of infections.

The contoured foot bed provides excellent arch support, while the merino wool lining regulates temperature and prevents odors.

With their slip-on design and adjustable strap, the Sugar Sliders offer easy wear and secure or loose fit depending on how your feet eczema is that day.


NoBull Adjustable Slides

Women's Adjustable Slide

The NOBULL Black Adjustable Slide is a versatile and functional sandal designed for comfort and performance.

These slides feature an adjustable strap for a customizable fit whether the eczema on the feet is acting up or not.

The upper is made of a durable and water-resistant material so your skin and eczema can stay nice and dry.

The contoured foot bed provides arch support and cushioning so your feet eczema is not as painful when walking.


Let’s Walk on Clouds Togethers

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You don’t have to live with feet eczema forever.

Finding the best shoes for eczema on feet is a short term solution.

While you do that and make your life comfortable, let’s work on a long term solution together.

Together, we can figure out how to help you clear your skin and support your body.

Clear Your Feet Eczema Skin = Walk pain free and confidently

It takes hard work but it’s worth it!

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