6 Week Skin Revive Challenge

A blueprint to help get your skin back on track and regain your confidence in a supportive group community.

Let me Guess...You Feel Stuck With Your Skin And Don't Know what to do next.


And you know managing your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset is exactly what you need to help your skin.

The problem is…

😭 You don't know where to start
😭 it's overwhelming on which direction to go
😭 you don't want to continue to spend $$$ on creams, supplements that don't even work

If you’re over there nodding and wincing, I’ve got some good news to share:

There’s a simpler, sTRESS FREE way — keep on reading!

does eczema have a smell

Imagine a world... (Read in that Low Pitched movie trailer voice)

Wouldn't it be nice if you could : stop itching? Stop Scratching? Not being so self conscious anymore? finally get a hold on your skin and get your life back on track?

Well, I’ve got some good news to share:

That’s the real magic that happens when you clear your skin holistically through nutrition, lifestyle and a little bit of support!




the 6 week Skin Revive Challenge

An epic 6 weeks to get your skin back on track with the help of Eczema Warrior and Certified Nutritional Practitioner — with a supportive community!

With 6 Week Skin Revive Challenge you will be able to:

  • Finally get your skin to calm down
  • Feel safe, understood and supported to actually begin your healing journey
  • Understand which areas of your body needs support to clear your skin
  • Share your journey with other Warriors and learn from them as well
  • Vent and share your wins as a collective community

And the best part? You can get it for just $125 USD (which is only $21 per week!).


This is a brand new offer, so if you sign up before January 20th, 2024, there is an epic bonus!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the 6 Week skin revive Challenge

  • Which areas your body is lacking and needs support to revive your skin
  • How to navigate the ups and downs of eczema/topical steroid withdrawal
  • Creating your own healing environment
  • Foods that help support the body

And we cover it all in 6 weeks so you can feel your very best in 2024!

What's Included...For Just $125?

Nutritional assessment

A nutritional assessment is done to understand which areas your skin, mind and body are lacking in. With this information you can paint a better picture and see where to make changes in your nutrition and lifestyle.

personalized protocol

Using the nutritional assessment, you will receive a personalized protocol to follow during the 6 week program. You’ll get all the information like suggested foods, supplements and lifestyle adjustments needed to make to support your skin.

Bi-weekly zoom group calls

Every two weeks we connect over Zoom, as a group, to talk about what is working, what is not, vent and share our wins throughout the week.


Bonus: Sign up before January 20th, 2024 and receive the following:

  • Facebook Group Community

  • 2x Online Accountability Check-ins per Week

  • Complimentary group Yoga/Meditation session to kick off your healing journey

You might be wondering...

When Does This Program Start?

On February 5th, 2024.


When Does This Program End? 

March 8th, 2024.


What will I need to get started right away? 

All you need is any one of your tech devices so you can fill out some paper work, join the Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls and complete the accountability check-in. You may need additional funds to purchase a couple of creams, lifestyle products and/or supplements to help you along the journey.


What if I don’t see the results I want to in 6 weeks?

Clearing your skin does take time and patience. Depending on your severity, it can even take 90 days to see any improvements. Don’t be discouraged though because what you do in the 6 weeks is building the right foundation to take you far.


What if I need support after 6 weeks?

I also offer 1:1 coaching packages and if you need more support, I’m happy to convert your 6 Week Program to 1:1 Coaching Program for an additional investment (minus what you’ve already invested!).

I have a different question.

Great! Message me on my Instagram (@everything_eczema) or email me at info@everythingeczema.ca

Hi, I'm Kishok!

I’m your Skin Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and of course an Eczema Warrior.


I have the experience (living with eczema and overcoming TSW) and credentials to walk you through on how to get your skin back on track.


For most of my life, I couldn’t crack the formula on how to manage my skin.


I’ve tried sugar, spice and everything nice but nothing seemed to work.


(Because let’s be real: not many of us have enough spare money lying around to consistently try every treatment out there or buy expensive creams and supplements.)


Enter: 6 Week Skin Revive Challenge


But not super expensive creams or supplements: like minded individuals who want to heal, good vibes and all the support, accountability, tough love and love you need to succeed .


Now, I packed everything I I know into this 6 short and sweet weeks to get you started on your journey!

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Ready to accelerate your Healing Journey?
It's time to get your skin back on track.

It's going to challenge you

but it'll be worth it.

The 6 week Skin Revive Challenge

Just $125
$21 per week

6 Week Skin Revive Challenge:

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Personalized Protocol
  • Bi-Weekly Group Zoom Calls 



If you sign up before January 20th, you’ll get access to the following:

  • Facebook Group Community

  • 2x Online Accountability Check-ins per Week

  • Complimentary group Yoga/Meditation session to kick off your healing journey

Disclaimer: This program offers general guidance and educational information related to skin health. It is essential to understand that this plan does not constitute medical advice or replace professional medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. This program is meant to improve the general wellbeing and skin health of an individual through healthy nutrition, lifestyle and mindset changes.

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