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You may already know this but it took me a very long time to actually realize it and make the lifestyle change.

I just wanted to be normal. Who wants to deal with itching all night, waking up tired and then spending the energy you don’t have to make your skin look presentable for society?

I thought so…

Most of my life, I “tried” to be normal.

Taking care of my eczema was not my number one focus. It was in my top 5.

School, career, family/friends, gym, traveling, hobbies was more important to me. I just applied my creams, took allergy meds at night for sleep, took supplements, went to multiple doctors, you get it.

That’s the most work I wanted to do subconsciously regarding my eczema. I just thought I had to live like this for the rest of my life. I already had multiple allergy restrictions and asthma. How much more do I need to give up to eczema?

My first mistake was giving the responsibility of my eczema to my Doctors. They were the experts who said there is “no cure”, let them deal with my eczema while I go about my life.

How did that end up? Well, I went through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It was hell.

How did that happen? My doctor just said it was a horrible flare up and gave me more steroid creams. The more and more I used my creams, it came back worse.

So when I tried to get off the meds, I went through TSW.

Take Responsibility

If you currently have eczema or going through TSW, understand that no amount of products that says it cures eczema will. Through my TSW phase, I bought products left and right. My hopes and dreams depended on the next eczema product I tried.

It can help temporarily but not cure it (for me at least).

Take responsibility and start learning more about eczema. See what options you have, research the side effects of the medication you are prescribed and most importantly, talk to other people who have/had eczema. Use social media or find support groups. See what they are currently doing or how they have healed themselves.

Once you are equipped with the knowledge, start implementing things that you are comfortable with into your lifestyle.

Create one new habit

Maybe that’s cutting out dairy products for 3 months and seeing the changes.

Maybe it’s taking salt baths once a week or having celery juice every morning.

Or its a combination of things.

If you are tired of just getting by because of your eczema, then it’s time to change your life style.

If you feel overwhelmed with flipping your lifestyle completely, take it one step at a time.

Just start with one change for 3 months and see.

If nothing positive happened, try something else because the next thing you might try might make all the difference.

Don’t give up!

It’s pretty much 2019, so if you are reading this Happy New Year!

However, I want you to set your 2020 goal today.

Tell yourself, by 2020, your eczema will be better than it was in the previous year.

Use 2019 to make the small habit changes that will improve overall health.

If you need some guidance, read The Power of Habib by Charles Duhigg. This is how I’ve been able to add in multiple healthy habits over time.

Let these small habit changes become a long-term eczema cure that has no side effects like dealing with TSW.

Add this in your calendar and set up a monthly recurring reminder. Ask yourself, am I closer to my eczema goal than I was last month?

If not, what is one simple thing I can do on a daily or weekly basis?

Don’t think of it as a life style change.

Just think of it as one new habit you are adding to what you already do every day. Sooner or later, this will be a part of your normal routine which can help keep your eczema far far away!

Good Luck!