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It’s going to be almost 30 days since I went vegan. Within the first two weeks, I was struggling to eat a variety of foods.

I was also struggling with my cupboard. I had zero healthy vegan snacks that I could fall back on when I got hungry. These are what I like to call, emergency snacks. Something that I can eat when I get hungry at night or something just to snack on.

Most healthy snacks packaged snacks, still have some sort of chemicals in them. Whether its derived from plants or other vegan products, I try to buy my emergency snacks with minimal funny sounding ingredients.

Unfortunately, most healthy vegan snacks always includes some sort of nuts/oats/something else I’m allergic too.

After wandering the aisle of my local health store, I came across Pressed Kind Bars*. How many ingredients do they have? Four. Yeah, all four ingredients that can be pronounced!

Apple, strawberry, cherry and chia seeds.

If you are new to healthy eating, it may not taste as good right off the bat. But once you’ve had a few, you kind of acquire the taste and it’s pretty good.

Unfortunately,  it’s made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds and soy. May contain pits.

These are also great snacks to keep in your bag or your desk drawer at work.

Hopefully this helps when you need that quick healthy snack!