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10 daily topical steroid withdrawal tips

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The Day-to-day

When going through topical steroid withdrawal, the day-to-day life can be very tough and discouraging. You look for inspiration and motivation from anyone and everyone.

You look for the next best product, cure, diet, treatment to speed up the healing process.

However, the day-to-day process will help keep you sane and get you farther mentally and physically then a product will.

1. Sweep and/or Vacuum

Due to the amount of skin flaking and shedding, it piles up quick…

Dry skin is also a contributor to dust and dust can then trigger eczema.

So it’s important to try and this every day or almost every day. You might be exhausted from TSW alone and just the lack of sleep, so ask someone to help you out, hire a maid or if you have the money, a Roomba might help.

2. Change towels and bedding

When going through TSW, your scabs and scratches will bleed. You will ooze. You will flake.

By changing your towels and bedding frequently, you can prevent yourself from getting a skin infection. Trust me, that’s the last thing you want right now.

It also helps mentally. When getting into bed where you have fresh clean sheets and pillows, it can help you feel relaxed while helping you stay clean as possible while you heal.

3. Wash towels and bedding

You want to wash your towels and bedding in a chemical free detergent and fabric softener. You’d be surprised by the amount of cheap synthetic chemicals in your products. I am currently using Nature Clean. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, biodegradable, gluten-free, allergy test, no sulphates, perfumes and dyes.

These can actually trigger your eczema.

Your body is already detoxing itself from the toxins from the products we’ve used over time. So one less thing our body needs to fight.

4. Disinfect laundry

I highly recommend disinfecting your laundry. Even though your laundry detergent should do the job but you want to make sure the bacteria from your skin oozing and flaking, are killed.

You can use tree oil, lavender oil, some lemon juice and even dry it in the sunlight.

5. Sunlight

For VITAMIN D! Studies have shown that Vitamin helps your skin and eczema.

If you are taking time off from work or school like I did, try to wake up for even for a little bit and catch some sunlight indoors.

If you are some how managing TSW and going to work/school, you are my hero! I opted to stay home until things got better. If you feel overwhelmed as well, try taking a few days off at least and just sleep!

If you work/school all day and then go home and stay in doors, DON’T!

Try to go for a walk during your lunch and breaks and catch some light.

6. Short Walks

This may seem daunting. You have no energy and it hurts to move because your skin is so tight and fragile.

When you can and when your skin allows it, try to go for a walk.

When going through TSW, you are most likely in bed all day.

But you need to keep the lymphatic system moving to help flush out your toxins.

The lymphatic system is “the body’s drainage system, working around-the-clock to clean up and properly dispose of waste left behind by other body systems”, according to Unity Point Health

7. Fresh Air

Get some fresh air in your room. When you are constantly oozing and flaking, your body gives off a strange body odour.

This can be left behind on your clothes and bedding (which is why points 2, 3 and 4 is important) so it’s good to get some fresh air to make you feel better and keep the air fresh.

When you can muster up the energy, go for a walk and get some fresh air.

The sunlight and fresh air can help you stay positive.

8. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can help calm your nerves and senses. It will help purify the air, make it smell better and help you sleep at night.

The best part is that it’s essentially essential oils diffused into the air.

9. Replace

As you are healing from TSW and Eczema, it’s important to replace towels, pillows and even your bed. Over time, the oozing will ruin and sink into your items. No matter how much you wash it, nothing beats new.

So when your oozing has slowed down or even stopped, think about completely replacing them.

10. Optimism

This is probably the hardest thing to do but stay positive.

No matter how long it takes, you will get better, the day to day will get better.

You know in the end, this will all be over.

So focus on the day to day, rather than waiting for it to all be over.

Just make your day to day, one bit better and you will be okay!

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