Dr. Aron has been a dermatologist for the last 40 years. In the last 10 years alone, he has treated approximately 10,000 patients with atopic dermatitis in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries.

How is the Aron Regimen treatment any different?

The Aron Regimen, significantly dilutes steroids and is prescribed for longer periods of time. He believes that the most important factor causing inflammation in atopic dermatitis patients is the presence of bacterial infection called the Staphylococcus Aureus.

The steroid component of the mixture works by reducing inflammation and the antibiotic component eliminates bacterial infection.

Conventional therapy advises patients to use them in short bursts, followed by no-use or weening off of them. This just makes the eczema to come back worse on a regular basis every time the medication is stopped.

How long does the treatment last?

As stated on the website, most of his patients are in the severe category so he advises at least 6 months.

The Aron Regimen might be great if you are stuck in the cycle of using steroid creams or in the early stages of topical steroid withdrawal.

However, keep in mind, this treatment is still using steroid creams.

Getting Started

First and foremost, you need to do your own research. Figure out if this is the right course of action for you.

It might be tempting to just jump into this and pay whatever amount it may cost, but do your research, sit on the idea for a bit and consult with family/friends and even your doctor.

However, don’t let anyone make the final decision. That should be you. Go with your gut.

Dr. Aron has provided a page on how to get started with him, so click here and find out what you need to do. Read through the FAQ page so you understand the process and it may even answer some questions you have.

Read the Patient Feedback page to see some of the success stories. You should also check out the Dr. Aron Facebook Discussion group so you can talk with other people who have used his treatment plan to get a better understanding.

I personally haven’t used his treatment. I found out about him too late into my steroid withdrawal and didn’t want to go back on it no matter how diluted it was.

Is the Aron Regimen Too Good To Be True?

After further investigation, I came across Dr. Marvin Rapaport who believe’s Dr. Aron’s approach is incorrect. Here’s a short excerpt from his site:

“First, Dr. Aron is treating “bad eczema” which is the wrong diagnosis. These patients are not suffering from bad eczema they are suffering from Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) which is the condition resulting from addiction to the topical corticosteroids that they have been using”

“Second, Dr. Aron’s step-down approach using less and less steroids with wraps is based on an old idea that was repudiated many decades ago called homeopathy. This treatment approach from the 1800’s is based on the assumption that smaller and smaller doses of medication over time stimulates the body to cure itself and that particles or remnants of the drug will finally cause an end to the disease. “

There is always two sides to a story. Always two sides to a treatment. Because everyone’s body is different, everyone’s journey is different.

Again, go with your gut and intuition.

For me personally,  it didn’t feel right to go back on topical steroids no matter how diluted they were.

If you’ve used the Aron Regimen before, please contact me! I’d love to hear your experience.

Final Thoughts

Any time I look up an eczema treatment, there is always one group who claims it cured them and another group saying its ineffective.

Remember, there will always be a flip side to any approach you take to help your eczema whether it’s through steroids, diet, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture and others. There will always be someone telling you to not try it.

Your job is to find the pros and cons and do what is comfortable for you.

Just a reminder that steroids aren’t a long term solution ever. So keep that in mind.

As always, do you due diligence and good luck!

Still Struggling with Healing?

I’ve tried a lot of treatments and diets in the past, but the one thing that made the biggest difference is focusing on nutrition to heal from the inside out.

It is also very important to work with a healthcare practitioner to make sure you can adjust to this type of lifestyle and stay on track!

So if you are embarking on the journey to heal your eczema naturally or going through topical steroid withdrawal, please Book a 30min Free Consultation with me to learn more about the XZMA Healing Program.