Whether you are going on a weekend getaway, a road trip, or travelling to the other side of the world, below are 15 tips to make sure travelling with eczema is a breeze.

1. EpiPen/Antihistamines

It’s always a good idea to carry your EpiPen (assuming you are allergic to nuts) around with you, especially when traveling to new places.

You never know what they mix in with their food so it’s important to communicate with your server about your dietary and allergy restrictions.

I always have an emergency pack of antihistamines with me just in case I come into contact with something that will cause me to react.

Also, if you start getting itchy on the airplane, your options are limited in terms of dealing with it. So something like Reactine or Benadryl can help until you get off the plane or make a pit stop.

Carrying these items gives me peace of mind when travelling with eczema and allergies.

2. Travel-size moisturizer

This is a must for me, wherever traveling internationally or even locally.

My skin always gets dry after a few hours, depending on the climate of the place I’m visiting. So whenever you are sightseeing or just exploring, carry this with you.

My skin gets dry quickly on long airplane rides too. I’m guessing it has to do with the cabin air pressure and the A/C constantly being blasted.

When my skin is dry, it itches. So, having a travel-size moisturizer helps my skin stay hydrated.

3. Wear loose cotton clothes

Wear cotton because you know that is one of the least irritating fabrics for eczema-prone skin.

Wearing loose clothes allows your skin to breathe and minimizes the chances of you starting to get itchy.

4. Travelling with Snacks

If you have dietary and allergy restrictions, you know eating can be a challenge when traveling.

When you book your plane tickets, let your airline know of these restrictions, so first they can ensure the passengers around your seat do not consume nuts (or anything else that can cause severe reactions if airborne).

Second, maybe your airline maybe has a special meal for you.

But just in case, it’s a good idea to bring snacks whether you are going on a road trip or flying to another place.

5. Pillow and/or pillowcase

Nothing like having your face itch due to the hotel’s or Air BnB’s choice of feather-filled pillows!

So if you can make space for your hypoallergenic cotton-filled pillow, bring it along.

You may also want to bring a pillow case or two. I know my face won’t react to the pillowcases I’ve been using, so it’s better to be safe so you can sleep peacefully and not wake up to a reaction.

6. Towels

Yup, I always bring my own towel.

I don’t know how and what they use to disinfect hotel towels but it probably involves chemicals that can cause me to react.

I’d rather be comfortable drying myself off with my own towel and have that peace of mind.

7. Bedsheets

The same goes with bedsheets, and it won’t even take up that much space to pack.

Sleep in peace so, pack your comfy and skin-safe bed sheets.

That way you can sleep the night without itching, wake up feeling refreshed and enjoy your trip.

8. Soap and shampoo

Don’t bother with hotel soaps and shampoos.

Avoid a reaction and bring some that you are currently using so you can shower without any reaction.

The goal when travelling with eczema is to be as comfortable as possible.

Make it feel like you are home.

9. Travelling with Supplements

Bring the supplements that help keep your eczema away and help your body heal.

It may feel like a hassle to carry them when traveling but use a pillbox to bring just enough you need.

If you don’t want to carry them, you may want to buy them once you arrive at your destination but you may have to pay a higher price.

10. Protect your skin


Pack some sunscreen if you are visiting a sunny destination. You don’t want to get sunburned. Imagine dealing with your sunburn plus eczema?!

Scarves, long sleeves

You may also want to wear some light cool colours because we know that dark colours attract heat more. You can get itchy from too much heat.

So you may want to wear long sleeves or scarves made out of lightweight fabric. This can keep you shielded from the sun but still give you that airflow to keep you cool.

11. Eat familiar foods

It may be tempting to try new foods when you travel but…

I tend to stick to foods that I know won’t give me a reaction.

I’d rather experiment when I’m home than deal with a flare-up when I’m on vacation.

When I’m travelling with my eczema, I try to avoid foods that are new. If I’m feeling good, I’ll experiment.

But if I’m already in the midst of a flare, I skip new foods.

12. Portable fan

Yes, this saved me a few times on my trips to hot places.

It was getting really hot and I was starting to itch.

So I busted out my portable USB-powered fan to cool me until I could cool off in the A/C.

13. Plan ahead

We all know stress also triggers eczema, so create a checklist of things you need to pack and buy.

That way, you won’t be stressing last minute about it.

If you know the restaurants you are going to be trying, check out the menu ahead of time just to be sure you have some options.

Travelling with eczema doesn’t have to be stressful. We just need to be organized and prepared.

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14. Water

Always carry a water bottle with you!

Especially when travelling with eczema, you will get dehydrated quickly from all the walking, talking, and laughing.

Having eczema, your skin is already dry so staying on top of your water intake is key.

15. Have Fun Travelling With Eczema!

Yes, don’t forget to have fun! It can be difficult not to stress when travelling with eczema but the whole point of traveling is to be stress-free.

Don’t get caught up in your eczema and especially how you think your skin will look.

Most people are caught up in themselves just like how all we think about is our eczema.

So they most likely won’t even notice your eczema until you mention it.

If you need more tips, check out a similar post from the National Eczema Organization.

Safe travels Eczema Warriors!

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