Today I wanted to talk about giving yourself time and space to heal eczema naturally or from topical steroid withdrawal.

You may be in a rush to heal, you may be in a rush to get better.

Rightfully so, because you are in a lot of pain you didn’t ask for.

You may be doing 100x different things to get out of the pain.

What I did was, I was taking probiotics, drinking celery juice, dry skin brushing, and everything that I could find on the internet.

However, what was happening was, since I wasn’t giving myself time and space to heal eczema naturally, I was doing these in quick succession.

I wasn’t being consistent with these practices. I just needed something to work asap.

I needed to know that this was going to work, I needed to feel that this was going to work.

I wanted to wake up and feel better. As you know this doesn’t always work.

You need to give things time for them to work. You need to give your body time to reap the benefits of the natural option you try.

It’s very important to give yourself time and space to heal eczema naturally. This is not going to happen overnight.

If not, you are going to be jumping from one practitioner to the next and not giving them a real opportunity to make the change.

I personally did that. It did not work. I wasted a lot of time and money because I didn’t stick with one for enough time.

Maybe if I worked with one of them long enough, I wouldn’t have to go through so many practitioners.

After working with practitioners for 3 months and I didn’t see any change, I started looking for a new one.

What you need to do is actually, expand your healing timeline.

Whether you’ve gone through eczema and/or topical steroid or you are new to this journey, this is going to take more than 3 months.

At least 6 months to 1 year of consistency is when you will reap the benefits and make lasting life-long changes.

You need to sit on that. You need to digest that.

Give yourself one year to heal.

Give yourself at least one year to get better.

Change your mindset around the timeline of healing.

With a more spread-out timeline, you will actually do the right thing. You will be a lot less stressed.


Because you won’t be waiting each and every day to get better.

You’ll feel less anxious and less stressed because you know your timeline is one year.

The stress, the anxiety, and waiting is the hardest part of the healing journey.

So if you can manage your own expectations around that, you can be at peace with your pace.

You’ll see so many 30-60-90 day skin resets. It’s possible, but it really depends on the severity of your skin.

It’s also harder to make life-long-lasting changes on these quick resets.

By giving yourself enough time, you are doing yourself a favor.

By giving yourself enough time, you can actually heal eczema naturally.

Food For Thought

Let’s take school for example. Whatever grade, pick one. Or even college or university. Pick the first year.

You already know from the get-go, that you will not be able to finish that grade within 3 months.

Maybe, if you give everything you have. But how stressed would you feel finishing an entire grade in 3 months?

And even if you do, think about the habits you’ll be picking up on the way.

You’ll cut corners.

Will you even properly retain all the information from the courses you completed in that time span?

Probably not.

With school or even learning an instrument, or driving a car, you know there is a standard amount of time it will take to learn it.

So, this is the same mentality we need to have when healing.

We need to let our bodies heal. We need to give it time. We need to give it space.

While we nourish our minds and body through high-quality foods, we can heal our eczema naturally.

So tell yourself, “One year after reading this article, I am going to heal my skin by consistently eating whole foods, reducing my processed and packaged food consumption, and giving my mind and body the time and space it needs to heal”.

Set some goals to measure yourself. Here are some examples:

  • Having healthy fats 3x a week
  • Eating whole foods 5x times a week
  • Spending at least 15mins in nature every day
  • Reducing my processed sugar intake to 2x a week
  • Reducing my processed foods consumption to 2x a week

Your daily habits are what will help you heal your skin.

Your daily habits are what will help you progress on your healing journey.

Your daily habits will help you heal eczema naturally.

Don’t Give Up So Soon

If you give yourself 3 months to heal, you are going to be super stressed out those 3 months. You’ll want to be perfect and do everything you can. One slip up and you’ll beat yourself.

If you wake up the next day, without results, you’ll go into panic mode.

Most of these thoughts and feelings happen in the background which can further delay your healing.

And when your 3-month plan doesn’t work, do you know what you’ll do next?

You’ll try and find the next best thing! Again!

So pick one strategy.

Pick one practitioner.

Pick one diet.

Pick one protocol.

And give it your best effort.

As you stay consistent with it and truly give yourself time and space to see the benefits.

Over time, you’ll naturally know what is working and what is not.

Then, feel free to tweak your healing plan. Maybe it is time to work with someone else.

Maybe it is time to try something else.

But don’t jump from one thing to the next.

Be patient and stick to your strategy.

Still Struggling to Heal Eczema Naturally

If nothing you are doing is working…

I think it’s time for you to work with me through the XZMA Healing Program.

I take a look at you holistically.

I take into consideration everything you’ve done in the past.

Next, we do a nutritional and lifestyle assessment.

Doing this, allows me to determine your baseline and from there we get to work.

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