Don’t you feel like you’ve been waaaay busier since the covid pandemic and lockdown?

Is your eczema acting up? Is it eczema stress?

Even though we’ve all basically almost back to pre-pandemic, things feel a lot different.

Whether you are working from home, hybrid, or never left the office even throughout the lockdown, eczema stress is real.

Before the lockdown, I was struggling with balancing my eczema and life.

But I had the hang of it and never really had a break like working from home permanently.

But once I got to work from home, it’s been a whole new world.

I can definitely say I also have eczema stress.

What Do You Mean By Eczema Stress?

The mere fact of balancing all things eczema and everything that life throws us our way.

Life can be a lot. With careers, school, family, friends, hobbies, and traveling.

It’s definitely fun but can get exhausting when you throw eczema into the mix.

So this is where eczema stress kicks in.

When you feel like you have too many responsibilities.

When you don’t know how to say no due to FOMO.

When you just don’t know how to stop.

This is when your eczema can flare up.

The mental stress. The anxiety. The depression.

All this can manifest into eczema. Random rashes. Flares up. Itching at night.

When this happens more often than not, coupled with nutritional deficiencies, environmental factors, and more, you’ll be looking at full-blown eczema.

When you deal with eczema every day…you want to call in sick every day.

That was me at least.

Even calling in sick once, I felt guilty…

Take Time Off For Eczema Stress

And this is where the problem begins for most.

Somehow, society, companies, and the media make us feel guilty for calling in sick.

Just sending in that message to your boss is hard too.

Having to catch up on all the work the next day feels like a drag too.

You feel like you might as well power through because you are “fine”.

I would also save up my sick days, to take them off when I “really” needed it.

But I would also push myself and drag myself into work.

Before you know it, it’s almost the end of the year and you have a few sick days left that you still need to use.

You may even feel guilty for pre-planning it when you are going to call in sick just for the sake of using it.

It just never felt good to take a day off or call in sick because I felt like it was never enough time and I felt like I’d be even more behind.

This thinking and thought process itself is also eczema stress.

Mindset Shift

However, lately, I haven’t been feeling guilty about using my time off.

I’ve told myself, work will always be there whether I take time off or not.

If I call in sick, it’s not the end of the world. My colleagues can cover for me and my clients would understand.

Coaching yourself, talking to yourself, or whatever you want to call it will help you shift your mindset.

If anything, it was me who I needed to convince that it was completely fine to take off a day here or there (instead of just saving it up for a vacation or staycation) or waiting to call in sick.

Whether you are dealing with an eczema flare, topical steroid withdrawal symptoms, or anything for that matter, remember to take some days off or use that sick day because it can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

The feeling I had of NOT setting an alarm clock on a random Thursday night was pure joy.

The thought of knowing that I could do whatever I wanted with my day and plan it how I wanted to be made me feel even better.

Whether you love your job or not, I think the important part is to have the mindset that you deserve the time off to rest up and come back to work energized.

If you drag your feet into work every day, you won’t be as productive or happy doing the work.

You’ll just be waiting for the next holiday.

This type of thinking and mindset is just going to perpetuate your existing health conditions and just make you feel worse.

So if you are looking for a sign to take a day off or two, or debating about calling in sick tomorrow, just remember…you deserve it!

Need Help With Eczema Stress?

I gotchu!

Work with me on how to heal your skin, manage your flare-ups and upgrade your mindset.

Healing is hard when you are on your own.

This is how I did it.

Experimented with different treatments.

Researched different diets.

Bought creams, lotions, and supplements to feel 1% better.

If I had a coach I could lean on, things would have been easier.

If I had someone who could relate to me, my journey would have been smoother.

If I had someone to help me who walked in my exact situation, I wouldn’t have felt alone.

That’s why I created the XZMA Healing Program.

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