It’s that time of the year again! Is it allergy season already?! Thankfully not, it’s fall and all the pollen and ragweed are setting.

But because it’s October, it’s Eczema Awareness Month.

This is the month we, eczema warriors, speak up about how this skin condition affects us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Because I myself am an eczema warrior and someone who has gone through topical steroid withdrawal, I have 5 reminders for you my friend.


1. You Are Not Your Skin

It’s easy to put your entire self-worth and identity into the physical appearance of your skin.

But you are more than how your skin looks and feels.

Your skin is one aspect of your multi-dimensional personality.

People gravitate towards you because of the energy you have within.

Remember this not only during eczema awareness month but all months. Every week. Every day.


2. Live Your Life

It’s easy to stay home and hide on your worst flare-up days.

Definitely, stay home and rest.

But don’t use how your skin looks as an excuse to flop.

Go out there and live your life.

Your ego will tell you that you need to wait to look good before you can do anything.

Ignore that voice.

Because when you look back, you don’t want to wish: I wish I didn’t let my skin hold me back…

As a challenge to yourself, try doing something outside of your comfort zone during eczema awareness month.


3. Check In With Yourself

It’s easy to run from all the emotions you are feeling.

When you take it day by day, feeling mentally and physically exhausted, it’s very common and easy to be numb to the true pain you are feeling.

That’s why, this month, you should start to process how eczema/tsw makes you feel, and reflect on the journey.

You should express how you are feeling to yourself first and foremost.

Talk to yourself out loud.

Write it out.

Type it out.

If you are struggling, reach out to a mental health professional to help.


4. Ask For Help

It’s easy to feel all alone and isolated on this journey.

Share what you are going through with your family and friends because they may not know the extent.

You’ve probably mastered how to mask your pain so they won’t know how to help you.

Reach out to eczema warriors on social media, find support groups (on Facebook) and connect with one another.

You don’t have to feel alone.

If you are fed up with your current Physician, find a new one.

Find a more supportive Medical Professional.

Talk to a Therapist.

Find a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Skin Health Coach, etc.

There is always help available.


5. You Can Heal

Healing is possible. Not to confuse with cure.

Maybe all you want to do is manage your eczema.

Manage it so well that it doesn’t interfere with your life. Maybe you are okay with the occasional flare-ups.

Define what healing looks like to you. Write it down and work towards it slowly.

Managing eczema, and healing your skin from topical steroid withdrawal, are all very possible.

But it starts with you…It starts with letting go of that old version of yourself.

It starts with stepping into a new version of yourself who doesn’t care what people think about your skin, speaking up for yourself, setting boundaries, saying no, and asking for what you want.


What About Next Month?

If you are in need of more inspiration and motivation, check out National’s Awareness Month resources here.

You might be thinking “But I need some more help. I don’t know what to do or where to start…”

I was once in your position too.

Going to multiple different doctors, and tried different alternative medicine and all the supplements I could get my hands on.

But what I needed the most was a coach.

Someone who had eczema.

Someone who went through topical steroid withdrawal.

I just needed someone to relate to.

Out of the need, I went back to school to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a Skin Health Coach.

With my own eczema experience and my education, I created the XZMA Healing Program.

I’m here to help you on a 1:1 basis. Face to face.

Sometimes it’s hard to heal through these online courses and PDFs.

Let me be your coach.

Just like a personal trainer.

But for your skin.

Whether you make the change during eczema awareness month or next month, I’ll be here.

Feel free to email me at:, send me a message via Instagram or better yet…

Book your free consultation here!