Living with eczema or topical steroid withdrawal can be challenging, especially when it comes to everyday chores like dishwashing.

The wrong dish soap can irritate your sensitive skin, worsening your eczema.

In this blog post, we will explore the best dish soap for eczema, carefully chosen for their gentle formulas and skin-friendly ingredients.

By opting for these dish soaps, you can effectively clean your dishes without compromising your skin’s health.

No more stinging, itching or redness after washing dishes!

best dish soap for eczema
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5 Best Dish Soap for Eczema

1. Method Free + Clear Dish Soap

One of the top choices for individuals with eczema is the Method Free + Clear Dish Soap.

This eco-friendly dish soap is free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes, making it an excellent option for those with sensitive, dry, eczema and topical steroid withdrawal skin.

The plant-based formula is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, ensuring that it won’t trigger eczema flare-ups.

Method’s commitment to sustainability and gentle cleaning makes it an ideal choice for both your dishes and your skin.


2. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dish Liquid

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dish Liquid is another great option for individuals with eczema and topical steroid withdrawal.

This dish soap is specifically formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Free from fragrances, dyes, and phosphates, it effectively cuts through grease while avoiding potential irritants.

Additionally, Seventh Generation is committed to sustainability, making this dish soap an eco-friendly choice that won’t compromise your skin’s health.

It’s great to see that they sell refill bottles so that we can reduce our plastic use.


3. Ecover Zero Dish Soap

Ecover Zero Dish Soap is another popular choice among individuals with eczema and topical steroid withdrawal skin due to its hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula.

Made with plant-based ingredients, this dish soap is tough on grease but gentle on your skin.

Ecover Zero is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly, ensuring that you’re making a responsible choice for both your skin and the planet.


4. Puracy Natural Dish Soap

Puracy Natural Dish Soap is an excellent option for those seeking a dish soap that is safe for eczema-prone and topical steroid withdrawal skin.

This dermatologist-tested dish soap is free from sulfates, triclosan, and other harsh chemicals.

Its plant-based ingredients and balanced pH ensure that it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, helping to alleviate eczema symptoms.

With a refreshing scents derived from essential oils, Puracy Natural Dish Soap offers a pleasant dishwashing experience.


5. ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin Natural Dish Soap

For individuals with eczema and topical steroid withdrawal skin, ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin Natural Dish Soap is worth considering.

This hypoallergenic dish soap is made with plant- and mineral-based ingredients, ensuring it is gentle on your skin.

It is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, and enzymes that could potentially irritate eczema-prone skin.

ATTITUDE’s commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free practices further adds to its appeal.

I also like the fact that this particular product from ATTITUDE uses an aluminum bottle!

You are already probably familiar with the ATTITUDE brand because they also make other skin friendly products from soaps to creams for babies, kids and adults.


Is There One Best Dish Soap for Eczema?

Finding the best dish soap for eczema can make a significant difference in managing your symptoms.

By choosing gentle, hypoallergenic options like one of the 5 above, you don’t have to stress above flaring up or itching after tidying up.

But the best thing you can do is wear a pair of cleaning gloves!

Using gloves ensures that the dirt, grime and any soap chemicals won’t impact your skin.


Skin Still Not Healing?

best dish soap for eczema
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No matter how many products you change to be eczema friendly, which you should, we still need to address your skin from within.

We need to ask questions like:

  • Why is your skin flaring up?
  • What is the root cause?
  • What is triggering my skin?
  • How do I support the body to heal?

These are questions you need to be addressing and being your own detective.

However, this can be very overwhelming while you deal with the pain, itching, scratching and more.

This is the exact reason why I created the XZMA Healing Program.

This program takes the worry off your shoulder so you can heal.

In this 1:1 coaching program we work on your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle so you can clear your skin.