Where did the word eczema originate from?

Eczema is a Latin word that originated from Ancient Greece.

The Greek word, ekzema, means cutaneous eruption. Ekzeo, also a Greek word,  means to boil out or break out.

So what does atopic dermatitis mean?

The word, atopy comes from the Greek word, atophos, meaning second place.

Dermatitis also originates from the Greek meaning skin and itis meaning inflammation.


How can this help my eczema?

We need to ask ourselves why is my skin erupting, breaking out, or boiling out, to begin with.

Prescription medication is great to help alleviate symptoms on a short-term basis.

But what it fails to do is determine the root cause of the issue.

This leads to complacency from both the doctor and the individual themselves. Why? Because it’s easier to apply creams and forget about it than to determine the root cause, which can be complex.

This is a very dangerous mindset to have because without realizing it, one’s body can become too dependent on topical steroids leading to severe withdrawal symptoms.

The body is telling you something through eczema

Eczema is more than a skin condition, especially when it gets out of hand. It makes life hard by affecting our mind, body, spirit, and emotions. What we put in our bodies also affects our mind, body, and emotions. The hardest but simplest thing you can do is focus on the foods you eat. Unfortunately, the media and our current lifestyle set us up for failure. We are bombarded with visuals all around us to eat junk food. When we start making changes to eat healthier there will be a lot of outside influences to deter us.
But if you want to heal your eczema, you need to ignore the noise around you. Your mind and body are telling you through eczema that it’s time to make a change.
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